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The world, particularly vulnerable countries in the developing world, are facing various challenges and difficulties, such as climate change and natural disasters, conflicts, food insecurity or limited access to water. In 2021, 238 million people were in need of assistance. Girls and women are the hardest hit in these situations, with a challenges relating to access to schools and education, hunger and gender-based violence.
Vulnerabilities have been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic that has struck globally over the past two years. For example, international organisations who are important actors in the provision of humanitarian aid have been constrained by logistical obstacles as a cause of the pandemic.

“Renew Europe accoglie con favore l’avanzamento del voto in plenaria sulla relazione sui nuovi orientamenti dell’azione umanitaria dell’UE. Renew Europe è – ora più che mai – convinta che gli Stati membri dell’UE debbano affrontare i drammatici cambiamenti nel panorama umanitario globale. È necessario trovare soluzioni e azioni.”.

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